What you need to know if you want to become a lawyer

The job of a lawyer might seem like a promising one with a pot of gold at the end, but the work that you need to put in to it is much more than that. So if you are ever considering on taking up this job, here are a few things you need to know.

The financial cost

Law school costs a lot more than any ordinary college. Given the fact that you would be enrolled in it for a good 4 to 5 years, it is only normal that the cost of it is sky high. However, if you still believe that you are able to achieve the dream of becoming a criminal lawyer singapore do find start finding ways of funding your course. In average researches have found that the loan of a law student is more than $140,000. On the other hand the job prospects may also be limited considering the field of study and the country and state you are living in. So when you are selecting this career path, do make sure that you consider all factors before making a choice.


Time is a huge factor that you need to invest on when it comes to this field of study. But on the other hand, time is a valuable factor that is limited in the corporate world. That is why today most students try to find quicker ways of being qualified while working simultaneously. So if you are ever going to get in to this field, do make sure that you have enough time to invest. After all, if you don’t learn the law inside out, you can never be a good lawyer!

Working under pressure

Working under pressure is a natural factor environment that any lawyer needs to work in. It should also be noted that the number of exams you would have to qualify to truly achieve the state of a qualified lawyer is many. Sometime your entire course and performance might be graded just by one assignment or failing that one assignment would mean you would have to sit through every other exam from the beginning no matter how well you did on them. And so, the pressure in this field is high. Therefore, you need to understand this factor and prepare yourself for it beforehand!

Public speaking is a must

If you are not confident about speaking aloud in public, don’t ever bother considering this profession in the first place. A lawyer is a person who not only knows the law, but is a twister of words who is able to make things favorable for him or her. Therefore, having the skills of public speaking and persuasion through it, is only given for such a person!

So take the above factors in to account and select the best path for yourself!




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