Types of Storage Units

When it comes for storage spaces, you will come across various types of storage units. When you look for these storage locations, you will come across cell storages and mini storages. These units comes in different sizes which will suit your need.  These units will be divided into cells, plots, rooms and pods as well. However you can even rent these units for short term and long term as well. 

Mostly a renter will provide their own locks for their cell, but certain self-storage unit offers some sort of security as well. Such as a code or a pin number to enter the private gate, or even a key card. Incase if you are looking for a space to store your bike, boat, old furniture, books, or even documents, you might as well consider renting a small storage unit which will help you out in storing all your items in a safe way. Below are some of the storage Units commonly used.

Outdoor Storage

These storages are the most commonly used storages around. It is the most affordable and the cheapest storage space Singapore. However these storages are not climate controlled but they do offer a 24/7 security to the storage. A lot of people generally use these kind of storage space to store cars, bikes, tractors and boats.Incase if you have any valuable that cannot withstand cold or heat, you might need to consider before storing such items in a outdoor storage unit.

Indoor Storage

To reach to the unit, you basically need to enter a building and pass through some kind of security.  However you will come across many kind of units, large units to narrow closets. If you are to move an item from your storage, you will be provided with a dollies or any other equipment. Certain indoor storage are climate controlled, incase if you are too store any items that will melt or deteriorate in extreme temperature you might as well store in climate controlled units for a safety. However you can even talk with the management and talk about a unit’s location in the building that will affect the storage space.

Mobile Storage

If you are renovating your home or even re painting and if you need to store your items for a short period of time, mobile storage will be the perfect option. However these mobile storage companies will basically deliver a storage unit to your house and leave it for an agreed amount of time. These rented storages comes in different sizes and you can even rent more than one. It basically looks like a train car. Incase if you need to move these pods, the storage company will help you take the pod where you want it to go.




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