Top reasons why you should definitely visit mount Macedon

If you are planning a getaway or a vacation even, if is needed that you choose a destination that will fit with the requirements that you have.  Therefore, when you are planning the getaway, always focus on the destination. The better the destination and the better the attractions at the destination, it will always get the finest experience that you can ask for.

When in Australia, one of the best places that you can visit which will give you a one of kind experience. Go plan out the ultimate travel experience in mount Macedon, be sure to look into mt Macedon tourist attractions so that you can easily plan out what your vacation is going to be. Here are some of the places that you should not miss out on when trying to make the best out of your visit to mount Macedon:

Hike the mountain

One of the best and most picturesque things that you can do which will give you the chance to enjoy the nature is to hike the mountain. From the start to the end, you will certainly see the best view that you have. When you hike the mountain, you will come across amazing landscapes such as camels hump. Moreover, you will see rare plants and animals in your hike as well. Thus, your hike in this mountain will be truly extraordinary.

The memorial cross

One of the best views that you can get from your visit to mount Macedon is the view that you will get from the memorial cross. The view at 21m will certainly be breath taking. Moreover, the historical significance will certainly make your trip better as the memorial is built in honour of the World War 1 soldiers. 

The hanging rock

Another great landscape that you will come across is the hanging rock which will make the best picture for your Instagram. Moreover, if will certainly make you witness something that is not commonly seen. The experience that you get from the hanging rock will not be similar to any other experience that you get.

The anti-gravity hill

 If you are not memorised enough by the hanging rock, there is more to come in your visit to mount Macedon. This is the anti-gravity hill where you can certainly gain a bizarre experience. In this area, you will get an experience that goes against the laws of gravity and it will always make your visit to the mount one of the best and the most memorable as well.




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