Tips For Taking Care Of Your Ink

Getting a tattoo can be a painful experience depending on where you chose to get your tattoo on but regardless of the area of the body, tattoos at least cause a little bit of discomfort and a stinging sensation when getting tattooed.

However, the tricky bit of getting a tattoo comes after getting your ink done. There are ways in which you have to take care of your ink if want your ink to stay the same and look as bright and as new as when it was first done.

If you’re somebody who is a new to body art, the tips that we have given will definitely help you to take good care of your various tattoos.

The Plastic Wrap

Once your tattoo artist is done with your tattoo and you leave the tattoos wangaratta parlor, he will apply a thick layer of moisturizer or jelly and he will put a plastic wrap over your tattoo as it will help keep the tattoo in place and also help it heal and keep it from rubbing against your clothing and causing irritation to the area where the tattoo is placed over.

With regards to the  plastic wrap, it is important to leave the plastic on for a couple of hours before you get rid of the plastic  so no matter how much you feel the urge to rip the plastic off, fight the urge and wait till a few hours pass by.

Washing The Tattoo

Once the plastic wrap has come off and it has been a few hours, you’re ready to wash your tattoo for the first time. If it was in a painful area, you might experience some discomfort when washing but it will feel much better to have the area washed and clean.

When you wash the tattoo, be sure to use a hypoallergenic soap and use warm water to clean the tattoo. Once the tattoo is washed, you will notice the oozing of black ink that is just excess ink so do not get alarmed.

Dealing With Scabs

After a week or a few days pass by, there will be scabs that form over the tattoo and during this time, it  is important to not pick off your scabs as doing so will definitely mess up your tattoo and cause it to look very different.

Once the entire tattoo has formed scabs, be a little heavy handed with the moisturizing so that this allows for the wounds to heal soon and for the scabs to fall away.




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