Things You Need To Know Before Moving In Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of various cultures. You can experience first-hand the blend of different cultures and enjoy that English is their official language. Indeed, Singapore is one of the hubs of expats around the world. Each day, you can witness sceneries from people from different parts of the globe. But how was it to move to Singapore? This guide will explain to you the topics on how to move to Singapore.

Among all things, you must consider that the cost of living in Singapore is very high. Taxes are low in Singapore but the cost of living can be expensive. Even outside the center of the city, a condo can be around $2,500 for each month. But for many people, they still consider living in Singapore and they choose to move together with their family.


Indeed, it is not hard to apply for singapore pr and adjust to city life. However, the process of moving can be challenging especially in getting through the customs. If you have visited Singapore on previous occasions, you will understand that customs are strict. As you plan your relocation, remember to ship your household items within six months. Leave your car at your home because the government encourages the use of public transportation.

Visas and Working Permits

You will not be able to have an Employment Pass in Singapore without any job offer. The type of permit that you can have will depend on your salary. You need to disclose your salary and you must not be more than 50 years old when you apply.

It is a fact that getting a work visa in Singapore can be hard at first. But it is easy to apply for a permanent residency than in any other countries. You can process your permanent resident application even on Day One. You can do this if you wish to have access to healthcare fees, lower education, public housing, and social security.


Accommodation in Singapore is competitive especially that there are millions of residents who are trying to find a home in the city. There are various housing types available. However, the majority of the expats live in apartment blocks which are subsidized by the government. But due to high demand in this type of complexes, some expats turn over to the private property market.


One of the essential steps in moving to Singapore is understanding the healthcare system and insurance. Indeed, the healthcare system is regarded around the world. However, expats are not eligible for subsidized healthcare. With this, you have to be familiar with other types of private health care options available. As you proceed with the hospital or the doctor, make sure that you bring your credit card. They require deposits in case the insurance will fall short on your case.




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