The work done by the Dawoods to better education of Pakistan

Education is what creates a great country and creates great people of the country. The Dawood family which has understood this had done a great deal to sport the students who have the dream of a great education in Pakistan. From the start to now, the contributions that the family has made has given the chance for students in Pakistan to make their educational goals be more than just a dream but for it to be a reality.

Bashir and Mariyam Dawood continue the legacy of the family by giving all the needed support possible to enhance the education and the quality life. The support that has been priced by the Dawood foundation has provided light to many of the families and children in Pakistan. These are some of the many work that is done by the Dawood’s to better the education of Pakistan.

The Suleman Dawood School of business

In the year 1986, Suleman Dawood, father of Bashir Dawood established the Suleman Dawood School of business which was functioning as a part of the Lahore University of Management Sciences. This school was known for providing practical knowledge together with theoretical knowledge that will create experts who are great at managing the real world issues. Up to date, the quality of the education, the facilities provided and the affiliations with the other top class universities are being maintained as well.

When you look into the curriculum of the school of business, it is known to be promote critical thinking and has provided the finest families for years. The Dawood foundation still provides to keep up the standards without any hassle as well.

The school of visual arts

Another top educational institute that was established by the Dawood family is the school of visual arts. Again, this is the finest schools in Karachi that has proven to provide the students with all the facilities that are state of the art and meets with the best quality as well. This college has created the path for those who wanted to head further in arts but didn’t have the facilities and the platform to. When you look into how the school is run, you can see the best quaffed professionals, the best families and evening that you can ask for in the college to meet with the finest standards.

What more have the Dawood’s done?

The list of the great deeds that the Dawood’s have done goes on and on. If you want to know what the Dawood’s have contributed to, looking them up will be a great inspiration.




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