The main differences between iOS and Android

Operating systems of smartphone has been the heart of the mobile technology. It determines the capabilities of our phones in many aspects. There are two common platforms used in the manufacture of phones: Android and iOS. But are there actual distinctions between the two. Read on to find out.


It has been the common knowledge that there are two options when it comes to phone operating systems. Either your phone runs on Android or it is owned by Apple’s own iOS. Android is a phone software that was launched on 2008 and was developed by Google. It runs on most of the top brands of mobile phones, like Samsung mobile singapore and even Google’s own line of phones. Meanwhile, Apple created its own operating system, known as the iOS (formerly iPhone OS) launched 2007 and served as a mark of the beginning of a new era of mobile technology. The iOS is responsible of running its series of devices like iPhones, iPods, and iPads.


Apple boasts on its security when it comes to privacy of the users’ data. Although Google has claimed that it’s also looking to strengthen its protection for its patrons, but many experts still think that iOS can provide a more secure platform. Not only does Apple encrypt the information from your devices, they also don’t allow third-party apps, which makes it less susceptible from hacking and malware.


Android users depend on the Google Play Store to find the apps they would want to install. It has a bigger catalogue, boasting into almost 4 million apps, expanding the array of selection to choose from. Meanwhile, most new apps appear on the Apple’s App Store first. In addition, best apps are only available as part of App Store’s more than 2 million application catalogue as Apple do not allow third party apps. If you want more choices, Android is what you need. But for the latest and quality apps, iOS is a better choice.


Apple has been known to have a very uniform interface across its devices, not only on mobile phones. iPhones may allow you to change your wallpaper or arrange the apps, but that’s pretty much all the personalization you can do. Android, on the other hand, gives you more freedom to include a theme on your phone, overhaul the default interface, among many customization features that is not possible for Apple devices. Basically, iOS devices are more simple, while Android phones are varied.

These are the primary distinctions between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. It is important to know the differences, especially for those just buying new phones. You may have a feeling that iPhone suits your needs more, or you may want to have full control over the look of your phone, it is okay. Go with whichever makes you more comfortable, at the end of the day, it’s your satisfaction that shall count.






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