Steps to hire the best wedding planner for you

When you are planning a wedding and need you to get everything in order then you will need a wedding planner. A planner will usually make sure that everything goes very smoothly and ensure that the dream wedding that you have wishes for will come true and it will be worthwhile of hiring a planner.

In order to ensure that you will not have any stress on your shoulders, then here is a guide to find your luxury wedding coordinator.


Do your homework, as this is the most important part of the search. You can search on Google for luxury wedding planner Singapore. You will find that doing a bit of research will help you narrow down your choices for planners. You can look at factors like the location of the planner and whether they will access to you. Get a little bit of a feel of each planner about their work, which will help you, narrow down the names even quicker.

Your favourites

Based on the above research you can ensure that you can short-list your potential favourites, which will help you to question them about the availabilities, the types of services that will be offered for the budget you have in mind. Ensure that they are clear about your budget and the idea in mind. Afterwards you can set up…


Your first meeting with each planner will give you your first impression about each of him or her. You can request to look at their portfolio and get a few referees that you can call and have a chat with after the meeting. It is important that you do this so that you know the level of satisfaction from each customer. If you are able to be comfortable and speak to the planner and the planner feels the same, then the connection is real and you will be able to work together.


When you speak to the references why not ask for a couple of photographs just to get a better idea of the end results from the respective planners. Do not forget to ask the services provided for their budgets and how were the suppliers and vendors that were used.

Take your time

Take some time to go through the potential planner’s details, impressions, proposals and the notes made between you and the planner. Once this is done, call the planner you want to work with and seal the deal. Fix the dates and start working on bringing all the details together.

Do not forget to have fun while planning your wedding!




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