Steps On How To Make Translating Easy

Business owners like to have their documents translated quickly and without spending too much. Now, here are some tips on how one can simplify the process to make document translation easy.

Consistency is the Key

Despite the availability of machine translators, human translators are still the most accurate and the best. Every time a document is being translated, you don’t have to start from scratch over again. You can use some tools to aid you in avoiding so much for the same material again.

To use this tool effectively, it is best to be consistent with your terminology as much as possible. This is true when you are writing the original document like in the document translation service Singapore. The more you use the same set of phrases and words every time, there will be lesser new content to translate. With this, the benefits of the translation memories will be maximized. Also, the speed and efficiency will be increased.

Create a Design Guide

It takes a lot of work to create a document’s design guide. However, all of the hard work will pay off at the end line. This is through an efficient and seamless process of document translation.

With a guide, it can keep the consistency of your translated documents. It can reduce the time of guesswork for the translators. Also with the use of a guide, the translation team can have the right sources when it comes to translating for the first time. As such, there can be lesser money and time spent on revisions. Company owners can have a faster return rate at a lower cost.

Easy to Adapt Design

There are companies that can make the translated version look like the original. This is true no matter how you design the original document or what language did you use to pair with it. But if you know that the original content will be converted into various languages, you can definitely save money and time if you plan ahead of time.

Whenever an article is translated into different languages, it usually contracts or expands. For example, when a document is translated from English to Spanish, the text can grow to up to 30%. To minimize the amount of document redesigning, it is best to keep the project simple. A clean and uncomplicated layout will require fewer adjustments.

Use Simple Language

Keep the language simple whenever you are translating a document. If possible, it is best to avoid regionalisms, jargons, and complicated sentences.

These tips might not work for every single document. But there are experienced translators who can ensure that the translated documents of your company can have the best quality you deserve.




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