Popular Places to Party and Have Fun in Muscat

Being a traditional Muslim country, you’ll be surprised that there is an active nightlife going on in Muscat. This city is well-known for its scenic places that boast rich Omani culture. There are lots of fun things to do in Muscat, from visiting iconic buildings to shopping in the traditional Arab market.

However, if you’re looking for ways to unwind after a long day at work or a tourist who wants to spend the night out away from your luxury hotel Muscat, here are the best destinations to experience Omani nightlife at its finest.

Nargileh Cafes

If you want to experience smoking shisha with the locals, then this is the perfect place for you. Although you can find some similar places in the CCC mall, it is still best to try what the locals have to offer.

O’Malley’s Irish Pub

Experience and enjoy traditional Irish pub culture in this cozy place. Located at Radisson Blu Hotel, prepare to be welcomed by a cheerful vibe and a relaxed bar. They also feature theme nights such as DJ nights, stand-up comedy nights and many more interesting events.

Trader Vic’s

Located at Muscat’s Intercontinental Hotel, Trader Vic’s is popular for its signature cocktails. Enjoy live music and dance on their Salsa nights to make the most of your visit. Make sure to dress up in a smart casual outfit to fit their dress code.

Rock Bottom

If you’re the type who loves to dance, Rock Bottom’s dance floor will surely get you moving to the beat. The club features modern music and affordable cocktails for as low as 3 OMR.

John Barry Bar

Located at the Grand Hyatt, this bar features an ambience similar to the SS John Barry Ship. They offer communal tables that are perfect for groups. For couples looking for a romantic venue, try their outside seating that features an overlooking view of the stunning Hyatt gardens.

The Bank

This is one of the most popular among visitors which is why it is best to book a table in advance. They offer modern cuisine and best cocktails plus a stunning view you’d never want to miss.


This is a popular couples-only club, meaning they don’t officially admit singles. Located at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, this is the best place to go if you love dancing to the latest hip-hop, RNB, soul, African and Arabic hits. Dress up in your best smart casual outfit for the dress code. Muscat’s culture is more lenient due to a lot of tourists that flock to the city. Whether you want to hang out with friends or simply want to spend a quiet night by the beach, this city has it all for you.




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