Most Popular Vintage Collectibles

Vintage items are still a thing in this modern era. It shows that antique items are still loved and adored by all generations. Some of us even enjoy collecting old and ancient items from different times and era. Aside from the intricate designs and structure of vintage objects, most of these items, hold meaning and history. If you’re a collector, and love to collect valuable antiques, here are some of the most accumulated items that you might want to add to your collection.

Stoneware Jugs

Stoneware jugs were widely used even before the early civilization. These were used to store water and other liquid mixtures way back the ancient eras. As time progresses, culture and art from the 60th, 70th, and 80th century, influenced the designs and structures of houses, building, and arts during that time. More intricate and delicate designs were developed. That is why; items, building and house structures from that age are still valued and loved, up until now. Stoneware jugs and potteries from the different time in history were collected and preserved mostly in museums and historical establishments and also by some individual collectors.

Vintage Glass Bottles

We cannot deny the fact that vintage glass bottles are classic and most common collectibles. Some even collect vintage liquors stored in unique vintage bottles. Did you know that these items were also sought after by different liquor companies? If you happen to have empty vintage bottles and liquor, you can sell them to buy old liquor Singapore. That is if you’re no collector. Aside from its unique look and design, classical antique bottles cost a fortune too.

Old-timey Pieces of Furniture

Items of furniture from the late 50’s up to the 70’s are also topping the collectibles’ lists. The items from these ages are unique when it comes to colour and designs. Mostly, furnishings from this period were made from blond colours and light woods unlike the contemporary types of furniture that have darker shades of brown. Sofas, tables, chairs, and desks from late 50’s to 70’s have sleek and detailed designs and clean lines, and the quality of these types of furniture is a plus, making these antiques one of the most expensive vintage items.

There are a lot of other collectible items like old pieces of jewellery, purses, scarves and vintage cars that are more costly than the given items above, but the history and value it possesses is still the same, making it more interesting and appealing for collectors. While some people choose to collect shoes, toys, and figures, bags and any other modern items, some people still show passion for old items. Vintage items hold more history and value than contemporary items.




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