ISO 27000; Keeping Your Data Safe

When running a business like a small medical clinic, you very often end up having to record and keep a lot of data which is very important. It is important as the data is needed for purposes of running the business and also because it is sensitive information. This is why the data has to be kept safe and secure at all times so that it will not get destroyed, stolen or misused.

I order to keep data safe, one of the easiest and sometimes argued methods is to digitize the data. With digital data, it becomes easier to handle and keep safe. One major problem that digital data can avoid is the degrading of the data itself. In paper based data, to keep the records safe from degrading, the records must be kept in climate controlled and dry places. This is costly and paper records take up a lot more space for far less information. On the other hand, using digital media, you can keep the records safe by keeping them on disks or a cloud server with a much larger company like Google or Amazon, who have the resources to spend on keeping the records safe and secure.

When it comes to keeping digital records in the place of your business, you have to think about how safe the data is.  One way to keep it safe is in data media safeswhich are locked so no unwanted person can access it and it if you get the right sort of safe, it is safe from flood, fire or even damage from items falling on it like in the event of an earthquake. The other method to keep the data safe is by making sure the data is encrypted with a proper tool and using a safe and difficult to break encryption key. This way, even if the data is stolen, the data is useless for a person as it will take years if not centuries sometimes to break the keys.

Another method of keeping data safe is to use cloud data servers not as a backup but as your primary and backup data locations. The main purpose for this is if your business is a small or medium scale business which does not have a large budget to spend on data security. Therefore, by spending significantly less on a cloud server you can achieve the same or even better levels of security than if you had stored the data on your own. This is because for large data centers security is part and parcel of the package they sell to their customers so it is more important for them to spend big money of proper data safety.

With these simple methods you can ensure that your businesses data is kept safe and secure at all times and with little cost to you.




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