Is It Possible To Find a New Job Whilst Working?

No employer likes to find out that their employees are on the hunt for a new job. Thus, that is why they take strict actions when they discover an indiscretion such as this. Therefore due to this reason many individuals don’t look for a new job until they leave their old one. But we understand that it can be a scary prospect to leave a job without having any other employment. Furthermore, this way you won’t also know when your next paycheck would come your way. Thus, that is why it is important for you to look for a new job while you already have one. But remember that this is something that you need to do without letting your current employers know this fact.

Maintain a Public Resume

We know that you think you need to use a job hunting platform Singaporeto find a job. But that is not really needed. Instead, make sure to have your up to date resume on either LinkedIn or on your website. That is because then it would be available for viewing through Google if one wants to find it. This is something that many recruiters do before personally contacting the applicants. Furthermore, remember that this is something that you can do without angering your current employees. That is because almost everyone tends to have their resume online. Therefore they won’t think twice about seeing yours online. Moreover, people are unlikely to think that you are looking for a job simply because the resume is online.

Schedule Job Interviews Carefully

If you are on the hunt for a new job then you can expect to be called for an interview or two. We know that you would be worried about going for these interviews. That is because this is not something that you can go for in the middle of the day. Instead, you would be planning on claiming that you have a doctor’s appointment. This is understandable because the interviews don’t go on for the whole day. Thus, in this way, you would be able to go to both the interview and return to work. However, remember that there are only so many doctor’s appointments that you can go to. If you go to too many it would arouse your employer’s suspicious. Therefore make sure to take some vacation days the next time you have a job interview.

It is possible for you to find a job while you already have one. But remember that you have to be smart about how you act.




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