How to successfully plan a corporate event

Lively and vigorous presence in your industry is serious to have a successful company, particularly for small ventures. To have a long-lasting relationshipwith customers, suppliers and other stakeholders you must get more in touch than a Christmas wish in an email or connecting via social media. Corporate events are a way to build a good connection with your audience targeted be it a customer or an important supplier. No source of online communication or a telephone call can replace that in-person touch of meeting and greeting the potential. Events of this sort can also make way for you to bind with new or prospective clients.


Location, location and location

It is a commonly heard phrase in real estate business. However it is also valid for events too. The name of the location plays a huge part in attendance. You can make it appropriate for the event type, such as a cocktail at a star-class hotel or a seminar at a conference hall.

Use local merchants for catering; bring in a culinary surprise if lots of foreign clients and business counterparts are in attendance, try buying nice door gifts Singapore and keep décor to a minimum. You can hire a good event host if needed or even a company colleague can fill that space. Usually a star class hotel will give you more facilities such as table décor, event hosts and options with invitations etc. You can use them to reduce the costs as well.


What is the purpose of having the event?


Your audience is important. For example, if you are providing higher education services and plan to throw an anniversary party, remember most of the invitees will be students and their parents. Or, if you are doing a fund raiser for kids during Christmas, do not forget there will be those kids as well as people who are wishing them well. Prepare accordingly; offer an activity to have fun and interact with each other. Make it a memorable event. If you end up with a boring one, people are sure to talk about it and theword will spread that X company throws the most tedious events, attendance can go drastically down hence. If you plan to hire entertainment ensure it suits the gathering, venue and occasion.

Spend the money wisely


An event of this sort may need a sizable budget; so having an idea of where to invest the bigger chunk of the company money is vital. If you pay more to an extravagant decoration set-up than to anexpert tech personnel or a good even emcee, that event won’t be making a good impression. Photography is also very important as that is what will be left after the event. So hire a professional for that too.

A corporate event will tell the story and inside of your company and company culture. So eb careful when you plan and execute a good event on behalf of the organization.




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