How to Reduce Your Polythene Usage

Plastic and polythene wreak havoc in our environments. We know the facts, we even see the images, but still, not many of us actually take the necessary steps to control the personal usage of plastic. Yes, you will not be able to change the world, but you can and should change your own habits because that will help make a big impact. The article below gives a few tips that will help you reduce your plastic usage and contribute to making the world a better and a cleaner place.

Carry Your Own Water Bottle

You should buy a bottle of water made preferably from glass and keep it in your workstation. Fill this and have your water instead of buying plastic bottles of water thoughtlessly. For you it’s just a disposable product, but to the environment, it is a burden that will take 450 years to dispose! The problem that the environment is facing is not a simple one as you can very well see! So do the right thing and try to limit your plastic usage. You can also keep a bottle of water in your car so that you will not have to buy plastic water bottles from the store.

Carry Your Own Thermos

Those who regularly order coffee on the way to work should consider carrying their own thermos. Your sweet little coffee cup will remain in the soil for close to 30 years! So take your own thermos and fill it with your favourite brew and sip away without guilt!

Take Your Own Shopping Bag

When you go grocery shopping, do take your own shopping bag with you. You can opt to buy a fancy shopping bag and even make a fashion statement while you are buying eggs and milk. Those flimsy plastic bags can take 10 to 1000 years to decompose. Yes these bags will often outlive you and several generations that will follow you too. Just keep the cloth shopping bag in your car all the time and take it with you when you enter the store. Even at home if you can use Council bin liners instead of the polythene ones, you will be able to make a big impact.

Use Cloth Diapers

Most parents will do almost anything to make the tiring and exhausting first few months of their baby’s life easy. It is not surprising therefore to see how popular disposable diapers have become. Albeit the cost, many parents opt to buy truckloads of disposable diapers. Little do they know that the soiled diaper they threw away will take close to 500 years to decompose. So opt to use cloth diapers if you possibly can. It will be easy on your wallet too and who doesn’t like to save some money!

Do what you can in your own little way to make a positive change in the environment because what you do really does matter.





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