How to make your online shopping website more attractive to your clients?

Online shopping is something many of us do nowadays. However, it’s not often we think about what makes a shopping website interesting to us. if you’re a business owner who’s hoping to divert a few clients/customers to your online platform, then here are a few smart ways to make your website more attractive to them…

Include a video to it

More often than not, clients don’t want to spend countless minutes reading through information you provide in your website. To save them their time, and to make your webpage a more interesting place to visit, consider including a short, informative, yet interesting video to your webpage/website. If you’re making the video yourself, do your best to ensure it looks professional. If you opt to get it done through the service of an expert, be sure to hire a local for the job. This is to ensure they know of your local clients’ needs, wants and interests. So if you live in Singapore, opt to hire a video production house Singapore based.

Include interesting animations; but keep it contained

Animations are a great way to make your clients’ experience in your webpage interesting and eye-catching. You can have animations with or without music on your landing page; paying attention to the fact that your music should not be intrusive or disturbing. However, make sure that your animations don’t weigh down your webpage, making it slower to open and load. This might discourage your users, and even annoy them.

Use clear and informative text in your “about us”

Though online shopping is not uncommon nowadays, online scams are just as uncommon. Many people are still a little weary about purchasing online, so you need to reassure your clients about “authenticity”. Use clear and informative text in your “about us” section for this. If possible, include a few (genuine) positive reviews in this section.

Keep it updated

Keep your webpage updated; always. If you have blog section in your webpage, make sure the topics you talk about is current and relevant. If you are not a wordsmith, hire someone to do it for you. there are plenty of writers locally and online for the job. Apart from this, do your best to also keep your “status” updated. This will keep you current with your clients.

Make it mobile friendly

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays. This makes it easy for them to shop online through their mobiles. However, most websites are not mobile friendly. By making your website more mobile friendly (mobile sized, less data consuming), you are actually making it more attractive to your clients and customers…




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