How to Maintain the Efficiency of an Air Compressor?

The efficiency of an air compressor will depend on several different factors. An air compressor will provide you with highly pressurized air that will increase the temperature to very high levels. In order for you to get high and quality performance from your air compressors it is really important that you check and control the pressure and the temperature so that it stays in the optimum range. This means that you need to make sure that it is efficient. Here are some helpful ways in which you can maintain efficiency.

How to Avoid Overheating?

Air compressors are made to provide air at extremely high pressures. The temperature that is observed during the compression process is also known as the compression temperature. This compression temperature that will be generated is more than enough to vaporize oil if that is found in the system. More than that, in this process, a lot of energy is also lost in the form of heat. In an explosion proof air dryer, in order to avoid the loss of heat and the overheating of any internal parts of the systems, the inter coolers will be fitted with the air compressor. With the help of these internal coolers, it is possible to maintain the right or the optimal isothermal compression so that you can gain the best volumetric efficiency.

How Can You Help Cool Down The System?

The medium that is used the most for cooling down in an air compressor is sea water. This sea water will be circulated in the system using the help of an attached pump or through the main or auxiliary sea water circulating systems. However you also have to keep in mind that this sea water can cause scale deposits in the cooling passages and that sometimes a fresh water from a closed loop is the best way to make sure that you avoid issues that come from scale deposits.

What Kind Of Maintenance Does This Require?

A compressor will require a proper planned routine maintenance system that will help safety and efficiency in operations. It will also help to avoid any breakdowns. The maintenance routine that you should use will depend upon the instructions that have been given to you in the manual. Make sure that you go through them carefully and that you run all the right maintenance checks as well. You also have to make sure that these maintenance checks are run at the right time so that you can get to keep the air compressor in great condition for a long time.




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