How to look for affordable corporate giveaways:

Many companies and business owners often allocate a certain amount of money just for marketing stuff such as banners, logo and other promotional materials. A lot of businesses believe that investing on corporate giveaways yields positive results in terms of brand recognition and increase in product sales which happens to be true in most cases.  So in this article, we would like to provide you with some helpful insights on how to look for high quality corporate giveaways for your clients that will help promote your business in a positive manner.

List down the things that you would like to give to our customers:

Before ordering giveaways in bulk or large quantities, make sure that we know what items should we give to our customers as a away of expressing our gratitude for their continuous support and loyalty. Choose items that will be useful to them even if it means that you have to pay extra for it rather than giving out small items that won’t really make an impact to your customers.  You can order umbrellas, planners, ballpens, mugs and eco bags that many people would find practical and be able to use it on a daily basis. Also look for the cheapest printing services in singapore for your company logo to be added on the chosen items.

Ask for referrals and get sample items:

Do not be in a rush when shopping for giveaways. If you are looking for items to give your clients for Christmas then you should start looking for suppliers as early as June. If it’s your first time doing these then you can ask a little bit of help from people that you know by giving you referrals, get 3-5 suppliers to choose from. Look into their list of their products and you can also ask or buy a few samples so you can gauge the quality of their merchandise before placing your final orders.

Make sure to always work on a reasonable budget:

Prices for corporate giveaways are very competitive because most suppliers would like to give their lowest prices so clients can order more items from them. You would be able to avail of bigger discounts if you order in large quantities. You can consolidate your giveaways for your clients, employees and promo events and place your company’s order at least once or twice a year only. Not only it will save you time, but it also saves a lot of effort, money and other resources. Surely this move will make your boss a very happy person.




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