How to identify a good office chair

Almost all of us spend an average of six to eight hours a day sitting on a chair, even when there are files to be handed over or deadlines to meet, most of us spare a small amount of thought to the unfavourable effect on the office chairs on our body.

Back pains and neck pains are caused by the pressure that is mounting on the spine are very common ailments experienced by employees at an office. Did you know that spending more than eleven hours a day sitting can boost the chance of you developing various conditions, even if you regular exercises? But having a chair which suits the proportions of your body perfectly is the best way to ensure we don’t suffer ailments as a result of a desk job. Let’s see the characteristics of a good chair!

The width and the height of the seat

The height of the office chair must be positioned and adjustable because then you can rest your feet while resting your thighs horizontally. The chair with a seat cushion must allow you to sit while you rest your back against a backrest with about four to ten centimetres of space between the knees and the seat. It’s all about comfort, quality and durability!

The lumbar support of the seat

A human’s back is created to curve throughout the length of the spine, hence a good chair must have a back that can be adjustable to shape to the curves of the lower back in a proper way, while preventing the body slouching after a long periods of time of sitting down.

The seat material of the seat

The recommended seat material for office chairs are soft and cushioned seat pads rather than surfaces that are textured, to ensure comfort for the person who is sitting.

The armrests of the seat

The armrests of the seat must be adjustable allowing the person to sit comfortably in a relaxed position with the shoulders relaxed too. The elbows of the person who is sitting must be able to use the armrest to rest the elbows. But remember, the lower wrists or arms must not be resting on the persons arms while typing.

The swivel of the seat

The perfect chair must be able to be turned easily while allowing the person to reach out to areas of their desks without injuring themselves by dragging the chair along.

Always remember no matter what type of job you do and how much it makes you sit and work, you must get up from the chair and scroll around at intervals as it will encourage proper posture, relieve eye straining and even fight fatigue.




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