Getting to Know Last Leg Distribution

Within supply chain functions of an organization, transportation and delivery networks play a key role in the area of logistics with significance valued at approximately at 28% of total shipment cost during the final delivery stage. The calculation is further significant for business operations with impact on e-commerce and omni channel supply chains evolving radically in capitalizing on cost reduction and growth enhancement avenues being focused within multiple business operations.

The final step of delivery or parcel collection from a location not necessarily requiring beingspecifically 1 mile and can be from a few blocks to 1 or 100 miles as defined by supply chain specialist. Currently valued at approximately 85 Billion US Dollars within the supply chain, Growth is forecasted to double in value over the next 10 years with small packages carriers impacting e-commerce markets and being identified as cornerstones in enhancing and impacting profitability to multiple business verticals.

Key Significance

The delivery process allowing shippers to transport products to consumers in swift and cost effective manner with consumers willing to bear additional premium costs was expected to reach a value of 2.4 Trillion US Dollars in 2018, as per experts with direct impact on e-commerce and omni channel supply chains. Optimized operations are evident with small and midsized shipping companies taking advantage of the avenue involving with large e-commerce giants creating a growing unique logistics method in combatting customer satisfaction at all junctures.


Having enhanced growth potential within modern times, concerns surrounding the mode are significant within urban operations with parking regulations and difficulty in navigating through traffic timelines impacting fuel costs. Many competing for the business niche within ecommerce networks, prefer to opt for services from stores in combatting reduced asking rates by various businesses.

Product complexity requiring assembly and skilled unpacking on delivery is considered challenging by service providers with businesses demanding final product outcome similar to showcased or advertised items being requested by shippers. With large number of last mile logistics provider’s existent in the market, a smaller number from the whole involve specialist technicians and personnel with addition of assembly or and similar process being charged separately. With larger sized consumer products being preferred to be shipped through specialized services in comparison to traditional logistics methods customers requiring speed and visibility at every stage are benefitted from the process not considering the cost addition.

Capacity crunches and driver shortages currently among key challenges faced by the logistics avenue, overcoming the challenges are constant focal areas in ensuring competitive within the growing industry.




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