Fundamentals of the spring loaded probe

Spring and probe devices are used today in electronics to establish a secure connection between two PCBs or printed circuit boards. This will usually be in the form of a slender cylindrical shape that has two very sharp and spring loaded pins. These will be pressed between the two electronic circuits and the sharpened points at each of the ends of the pin will make the secure connection or contact with two of the circuits. This spring and probe devise is something that is made through precision using instruments for riveting and of course skilled workmanship. It also comes with a plunger, a spring and a tube.

Where can you see this applied generally?

You will be able to see many pogo pin socket applications in everyday life such as in electronic products like communication devices like your mobile phone, many automotive areas, various medical devices, some aerospace applications and many others. Because this devise is actually a very fine probe, it can contribute to keeping the completed connector in a light weight spectrum and also small in its size. The aesthetic value of the connector will also be increased because of the fact that it is not bulky.

The different arrays of the spring and probe

These are usually arranged in a very dense array and connects together the many individual nodules that belong to the two circuit boards. These can be seen used very commonly in testing automatic test equipment. In these cases these will look like a bed of nails. They will allow for the rapid and reliable connectivity of the devices that are being tested. There are some extremely high density configurations as well where the array where the arrangement looks like a ring that contains hundreds and thousands of many individual pogos. This is also called a pogo tower in certain cases. These can also be used to establish the more permanent sort of connections.

How are they used in high performance application instances?

When they are used in the most high performing application areas, the pins should be designed with the highest care give to not only allow for reliability that runs across the many unmating and mating cycles but to also include the high fidelity nature of the transmission signals. The pins should be hard and pated with a substance like gold that will allow for a very reliable contact substance. Inside the body of the pin, there must be great electrical contacts with the body so that the signal can be carried by the spring.




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