Five Tips to Fight Your Way through Depression

It’s kind of scary, how many of you out there practice drawing parallel lines on skin using a pen knife and don’t seem to mind it anymore. Well, obviously it was because you thought it was a great idea just like cavemen did when they invented fire. I can’t argue because you have your reasons, and one of it is most probably because the physical pain could fight the emotional pain that’s surging through you, suffocating you. But let me tell you that, that’s not the only way you can fight depression and don’t worry because it also doesn’t involve using antidepressants and other pills as a shield for the emotional ordeal you’re going through. Nope not the usual. Read below for a few other tips to fight your way through depression.

Watch Comedy Shows or Movies.

It’s ultimately up to you to make sure that you’re happy. So crawling into your bed with a thick blanket, a bucket of popcorn and getting your eyes glued to a funny documentary or comedy movie might liven you up and keep your mind off of things that give you anxiety and depression, which can be deemed to be healthy in small doses. Also you probably already know that laughter can be the medicine. It can elevate your serotonin levels, making you feel physically better and automatically keep you in a better mood.

Be Active and Set Goals.

When you’re idle and the only thing interesting to do is indulge in the beauty of your text books, then you might end up doing nothing but distracting your mind with everything that can drive up your anxiety and stress you up. So get active and start doing what you love. Your intellectual health can get much better with just a journal where you write down your positive thoughts and goals for each day. Don’t set goals that are too hard or too easy. It can also extremely uplift you when you track your progress and remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

Workout and Eat Healthy.

Food certainly does have an impact your mental wellbeing. Don’t get your hopes soaring up because I’m not talking about gauging on tubs of chocolate ice cream with a wad of tissues. Although treating yourself with your favourite dessert can boost your mood, it can also lead you to over eat and get you worrying about your health creating yet again the same cycle. So instead eat healthy and consume food that’s rich in omega fatty acids which have been proven to improve your mood. Also, working out and exercising regularly makes sure you’re physically fit. Being physically fit can improve your mental wellbeing too.

Implant Negative Thoughts.

Three things to keep note of when you’re working on yourself. Good vibes, good vibes and good vibes. If you’re wondering why I’m repeating it like I’m retarded, then it’s because when it comes to depression, that’s one of the most important things you need to get a grip on. With all the stress and worries pinning you down, the more negative things you think about, the more unlikely you’re getting any better. If you feel like you need some therapy then go  for that divorce counselling Singaporeyou looked up for a week back. Focus on the good things. Every time you travel to work appreciate the nature that surrounds you. Send a silent prayer prayer to that person you see with your own eyes struggling with life. Look around and see, you’ll find everything pretty amazing.

Embrace Loneliness.

Let me get this straight, loneliness isn’t actually a bad thing. It’s all about getting comfortable being alone without being lonely. Well if reading that kind of messed up your brain cells, then on a clearer note, the idea of being alone isn’t the issue, it’s the loneliness that comes with it. Anyone who knows you’re depressed probably tells you not to spend your time in solitude. So you try to avoid being alone. But what you can do instead is next time you’re alone, don’t skim through for company, rather embrace loneliness. Feel the peace and the solitude. Enjoy your own company. Build the relationship with yourself. You don’t necessarily have to pack up and pick a place from the globe and travel to get some alone time. It can be anywhere. Anytime. Find ways to grow and build on yourself.




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