Eco Friendly Pest Control and Why They are Better

Pests at home or elsewhere can come in various sizes. Some are very small such as cockroaches and some can be the size of a small cat such as mice and other rodents. In small numbers they can cause great distress, spread disease and even damage goods and property. However in large numbers the problems they cause can be devastating. Therefore it is no wonder that home owners, especially those with small children try their best to get rid of them.

There are many ways to get rid of these insects and animals. Some use chemicals while others use traditional organic methods. Though large scale infestations might require chemical treatments, in other instances using a method that is less harmful to the environment is considered better. This is because of the heightened concerns for the environment these days. Pest management singapore and many other eco friendly pest treatments centres focus greatly on the green method. Let’s look at some benefits of this option so you can make an informed decision the next time you need to get rid of some invaders.

Helps sustainability of the environment

Harsh chemicals while kill pests also damage surrounding flora and fauna.  They can harm other predatory animals or insects that feed on these pests, thus damaging the natural lifecycles. In a green method natural predators are used to combat the pests so that pests are controlled while maintaining the food chain.

Green house gas limited

Natural remedies and products made with natural elements with fewer chemicals are known to have reduced green house gas emissions, which means these products and methods leave a relatively less carbon footprint on the planet. This in turn helps in conservation and preservation of natural habitats for future generations.

Little damage on the gardens

Most people invest in maintaining their gardens and flower beds; therefore with this in mind it is not very beneficial to be using harsh chemicals to treat pests as they will damage the surrounding environment as well. Grass, trees and flowers can be easily damaged when you chemically try to kill pests outside or inside your home. Therefore using natural oils and even predators can really reduce these secondary damages.

Child safety

Chemicals are dangerous and should not be used around small children. Children with their natural tendency to explore can easily touch or come in to contact with chemicals if they are used at home. On the contrary organic methods are less likely to cause much harm thus ensuring safety of individuals at home.

As you can see the benefits are really worthwhile and must be considered in your next pest control program.




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