Classroom Organizing Tips for Teachers

Keeping the classroom neat and clean is always important. It helps to create a stress free and peaceful learning space for the students and the organization makes it easier to locate any item within a matter of seconds without wasting the study time. Here are some of the ways how you can organize the classroom for your students.


Labeling the items makes it so much easier to find them. Organize separate stationary items into separate containers and name the containers before storing them away. If each kid has a folder fortheir school work, mark it with their name or the students number. Label the separate drawers on your table to make it easier for you to find out items. Label the shelves on the class library, separating story books from other extra reading materials. To make it moreattractive, you can even use color coding to label spate items.

Use Separate Bins

Separate the garbage cans inside the classroom. Start teaching your kids about waste management from inside the classroom. Keep separate bins for paper/ cardboard, plastic/ polythene and degradable waste. Keep the bins in three colors. This makes it easier for you and the kids to see where everything goes. Dispose the garbage at the right time. Especially if you decide to keep a bin for degradable items including food, make sure you dispose them daily. Do not wait till they are overfilled.


Every classroomgets untidy after certain projects. Especially if this is a classroom for young students in primary grades. If you keep stacks of papers and books piled on your table, you will not have space to do your work there. Teach your students to clean up after their work and keep the classroom clean. Make sure their and your desktops are organized. Keep a desk organizer or a pen holder holding all the pens and the markers that will be used constantly.

To-Do List or Notice Board

Make a to-do list or a keep a notice board with all the important work that is coming up. You can write up all your exams and test dates, lab days, school trips and field trips, parent – teacher meetings, concerts and other upcoming events on this. Use erasable markers so you can change the list whenever you want to. You can also use post its. Or simply visit a place to buy a magnetic whiteboard singapore and hang it up in the class.  You can stick post-its and even souvenirs from students on it.

Keeping the classroom well organized will also make it a pleasant place to study and teach. It will also teach the kids how to keep their belongings organized and clean.




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