Classic Ways to Have Fun that Still Work Today

When it comes to the classical fun items today people will look down their noses at 5ese items, especially those who fall into the younger generation. However most of these people who look down at the old ways of having fun for their modern social media fun, will still have a good time if they are taken into having some old time fun. And when we think of old time fun some of the classics that come to mind are games like cops and robbers or hide and seek or even hop scotch. Of course there are also the classic toys that are not bound by time or restricted to age like the pogo stick, a trampoline or even stuff like cycling. These all time classics are games that in this modern day are often forgotten or replaced by stuff like video games or mobile phones. Socialization now does not mea you go out and be with your friends but go online and talk to people, some of whom you may have not met ever in real life. This is one of the main reasons why social media is so heavily criticized by people for ruining the youth of the new generation.

Coming back to the old time favorite sports like mentioned above, it is important to remember however that these olden day sports sometimes did involve a little risk and you would often end up with bruised knees or a twisted wrist. However, the fun that was obtained from these activities was far greater sometimes and it also helped keep kids and people in shape because this fun was also good exercise. However, you would never realize you were exercising since the activities were so much fun. The only clue would be that you were drenched in a bath of sweat after whatever you did and you would definitely have to go and wash and change clothes. Of course these fun items needed a little work to make sure they worked and were fun and safe to use. For example pogo pin were always at the risk of breaking or the tires on the bikes needed patching, however these too helped add to the fun and were all part and parcel of the experience.

Having highlighted all these fun items, it is sometimes hard to understand why these items are not hot favourites anymore and instead why children and youth prefer to play with items like a phone or just stay and chat on Facebook or play virtual games.

One possible reason could be that the parents who grew up playing with these fun items have become over protective of their children and will not let them near these classic toys for fear of injury and instead opt for the relative safety of the phone and online or virtual games.




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