Buying Golf Push Carts – 6 Things to Consider

There are dozens of golf push carts out there. The best ones would make playing golf easier. You’ve come to the right place as we’ve discussed everything to help you find the right options below. Read ahead.

Number of wheels

You’d see newer carts with three wheels, while older ones would only have 2. Due to the 2 wheels, you can’t push these golf carts. You’ll be pulling them instead – this requires more effort.

You might soon see carts with 4 wheels, as double fronts wheels are becoming a trend. What’s great is that the double front wheels make it harder for you to trip.

Although you may think a four wheeled option would be perfect, it’d be harder to manoeuvre than a three wheeled option. When you have to move between golf courses fast, this isn’t what you want.


The amount of storage in the push cart is important. With more storage, you’d be able to take more clubs and equipment with you. There could be enough room for additional items too, like snacks and bottles of water.

A lot of storage is important if you’re going to be playing in areas that get regular rain. You’d have somewhere to place everything you brought instead of letting them get wet.


The best options would come with seats. When you’ve been on your feet all day, being able to sit down on a comfortable chair is great. You’d be able to play better as a result.

Brake System

You may play on a hill – your cart could roll down. The chances of this happening would be lower if your golf cart has a good brake system. More high-end models have the best brakes.

Some carts come with hand brakes while others have foot brakes. Options that lock the wheels at the back are the best.


Yes, the number of wheels present would influence how easy the cart would be to move. But what’ll also influence this would be the angles its wheels turn at. Hopefully, the cart you choose has front wheels that can turn 360 degrees – it’d be very easy to manoeuvre. As you can imagine, golf carts that are more affordable don’t have wheels that turn well.

Also, golf push carts that are electric would be easy to manoeuvre. electric golf push carts are thankfully not too pricey.


How big the push cart is would influence how much storage you’d get. But a cart that’s very big would be harder to carry around. Ask yourself if you’d have enough room in your car to bring it with you.

If you live in a small apartment or house, storing a large pushcart would be a headache.

Let’s wrap everything up. There’s a lot to consider if you want to buy a golf push cart. Make note of the item’s wheels. Ones that have three wheels are the most popular. Hopefully, its wheels can turn 360 degrees, as you’d easily be able to take it around.

Look at how much storage it would come with too. The larger the cart, the more space you’d have. But getting a hold of one that’s very big may be a problem – you’d have nowhere to keep it at home.




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