Are You Sure you’re Safe When Using a Welding Machine?

Not to scare the living daylights out of you but, but there’s people out there who’ve lost their hearing ability for life or even been killed or injured due to the fire or explosion accidentally created whilst welding. All what I’m saying is whether you’re doing DIY home Renovation or are retired from work into the garden shed to kill the boredom and do some repair work, you need to make sure people don’t say you died whilst using a welding machine. I might sound like I’m exaggerating but that doesn’t matter, and what matters is that you’re absolutely harm free when you’re working with that weapon. Read on for a safety tips.

Read The Book.

It doesn’t mean you can simply ignore the user manual book just like you ignore the terms and conditions that come with its warranty, thinking you’re a pro at this. Well maybe you are but just remember that the one you brought after typing where to buy welding machine Singapore on the internet won’t be the same as the one you brought from a local store down the street ten years back. The warning labels and directions will specifically tell you what you should and should not do, so do consider reading them.

Cover up.

Next up is to button up like you’re taking a trip to the Antarctic. I was kidding. But that doesn’t mean you can try to expose your abs and try to look all hot because the next second you’ll literally be hot after being burnt from the heat. Just make sure you’re completely covered and wear a leather apron and boots to avoid catching fire.

Wear a Helmet.

Helmets, gloves and welding masks are a must have when you’re at it. If you’ve got tiny holes in your gloves after the rats have indulged on them, don’t resort to using them as there’s high possibility they could catch sparks. Also your eyes and ears need to be well protected so pull that mask over your head before you start working.

Work in Well Ventilated Areas.

It’s already hazardous that you’re working with these kind of equipment and the last thing you want is to trip over a puddle of water or a broken port along with your machine. Ensure you’re working in a well-ventilated and clutter fee environment to prevent falls and other accidents. In confined places, there’s a possibility for toxic gases to accumulate so work in a well-ventilated area and wear a respirator if you think the machine requires one.

Maintain Your Machine.

Don’t use your equipment at a stretch for a long time, not only will this have long term effects on your health but could also cause your machine to overheat. Don’t ever overuse, and always allow time for cooling or reduce the current if you think it’s too long. Keep cables free of old and dirt and get a replacement if it’s damaged.




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